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Charity Projects

We organise charity projects and support people in need in various countries – wherever we are.
You can support us with a donation for a special project or in general by becoming a member of froh foundation.
The membership fees are entirely dedicated to our charity projects.

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Our charity projects since 2015

Urgent help for Marina and her for 4 children

Support for Moritz

Our little friend Moritz was suffering from cancer. In order to support him and his family during the challenging time of chemo therapy and operations, we donated 100 euros per month from membership fees and participant fees to the family over the course of a year.

Street Dogs feeding

Food for street dogs in Goa, India

When tourist season is over street dogs in Goa do not get food any more. In 2020 we adopted a crowd of 14 dogs living on a hidden beach without food and water. 3 times a week we cook for them and bring water.

migrant worker

Support for stranded Migrant workers in Goa, India

Through the lockdown in Goa in the Covid-19 crises migrant workers from all over the India got stranded in Goa without any financial support. We provided in cooperation with a private initative food, clothes and toys fo a slum in Vagator, where 210 migrant workers and their families from Karnataka stayed.

Workshops for Children

Workshops for Children in Goa, India

Every year we offer free creative, mindful and environmental workshops for children in Goa, India. The variety of activities ranges from Gong Sound Baths, over baking organic Christmas cookies and making our own healthy Müsli to gardening projects, movie making lessons and the creation of self-organized learning spaces.


Online Kinesiology Sessions, Australia

We offered free Insights Kinesiology Online Sessions for people affected by the bushfires in Australia in 2019. Through the treatment acute stress symptoms could be released and we supported the clients in finding new perspectives and see new chances in this difficult life situation.

froh foundation - Urgent individual help

Urgent individual help for tourists in Goa

We provide donations up to 100 Euro for people who face challenging life situations and reach out to us.

Heat Culture Festival

Kids Space at Heart Culture Festival, Austria

To support this beautiful festival of heart energy and provide mindful acitivities for children and parents we held our workshop “A day in India” and Gong Sound Baths in the Kids Space of the Heart Culture Festival in Großsteinbach in Austria in 2018 and 2019.

Agni Hotra Workshop

Agni Hotra Workshop, Croatia

In cooperation with “istrian de dignan – ecomuseum” we held free Agni Hotra Workshops in 2017 and 2018 with volunteers and interested local people. This ancient ayurvedic fire ceremony aims for personal and global nourishment. The participants also benefited through a Gong Shower and an introduction to Insights Kinesiology®.

Gong Baths

Gong Baths for people with a broad spectrum, Austria

In 2017 we held a sound healing day in the Simultania Centre in Judenburg to introduce the beneficial effects of the sound of the Gongs to people with special needs and unique challenges. The feedback of one participant: “I felt like travelling with the angels”, describes this day full of revelations and joy for everyone involved best.

Insights Kinesiology Training

Insights Kinesiology® Training, Nepal

After the Earthquake in Nepal in 2015 we held a 1 week free Insights Kinesiology Training® (Level 1-3) and Gong Sound Healing sessions for 6 Nepalese people to teach them how to provide support for people with post traumatic symtoms after experiencing shock, loss and existential fears through the earthquake.

Insights Kinesiology Training

Insights Kinesiology® Training for “I love Goa Dogs”, India

In 2015, we ran a free 3 day Insights Kinesiology® training for the volunteers of the Indian initiative “I love Goa Dogs”. They care for the street dogs in Goa and provide them with food, medicine, care, sterilization and rehoming. With the help of the kinesiology surrogate testing technique they can test the kind of needed treatment as well as support the cats and dogs to overcome their traumatic experiences and come into a calm state.

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