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Terms & Conditions for Individuals

Status: June 2021

froh foundation
Association for health, socio-cultural education
and environmental sustainability

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8010 Graz
Phone: +43 (0)660 8165076

Scope of application
By registering to an event of froh foundation, the participant agrees to the General Terms and Conditions and is committed to them. In each case, the version which applied when the contract was created is regarded as valid for legal purposes.

Any deviation from the terms and conditions shall only apply if they are agreed in writing by an authorized representative of the foundation.

Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The contract between the foundation and the participant remains binding even in the case of legal invalidity of individual clauses in the other parts. The invalid provision shall be replaced by the one that comes closest to the intent and purpose of the invalid provision.

Scope of service
froh foundation organizes events according to the descriptions in the program, on the website and on social media platforms. As for the organization of individual events, the descriptions as depicted in the service confirmation apply. The participants themselves are responsible for the selection of events.

All described programs are framework programs. The actual program carried out is subject to the needs and interests of the participants. froh foundation reserves the right to alter the range of services when appropriate.

The participation contract requires the written registration of the participant as well as the written confirmation of froh foundation. If a registration cannot be issued, the participant will be promptly notified.

Upon registration, the participant is obliged to pay the first installment 50% of the total amount; the second installment remaining 50% must be paid at the latest 14 days prior to the event.

The participation fee excludes travel and accommodation costs.

Additionally, participants must pay the annual membership fee of € 20 (full membership) or € 5 (short term membership). This does not apply for existing members. Your froh full membership is valid for the current calendar year, will be automatically renewed the following year unless a written notice of cancellation (letter, email) is provided until the 31st of December. Your short term membership is valid for 1 month and expires automatically.

Unless otherwise stipulated in the confirmation of froh foundation, the prices shall apply as indicated in the program as abundance payment. froh foundation gives an orientation price and each participant decides how much he/ she can or likes to pay. The price once agreed is binding.

All prices are per person. The participant shall bear the cost of any bank transfer charges. Full payment before start of the event is prerequisite for participation.

Terms of payment
Invoices will be issued together with the confirmation (first installment) and earliest 1 month before the event (second installment) via email. Payment has to be made within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. The participant shall bear the cost of any transfer charges (including PayPal or other payment fees).

In case of non-payment of the installments, froh foundation is released from any further contractual obligations. However, further claims arising from such non-payment remain unaffected.

In case of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of froh foundation (for instance acute sickness of the coach, insufficient number of participants), froh foundation may set an alternative date or cancel the event altogether. Except in cases of urgent necessity, changes of time and place shall not be made. The participant will be promptly notified should any such changes occur.  

If a participant cannot attend an event due to a change of date, any amounts already paid will be refunded within 14 days. If the cancellation was made in time (see point 6a.), any amounts already paid may be transferred to another person or used as a credit for future events.  Further claims by the participant as a result of such cancellation through froh foundation shall be excluded.

Except for the first installment 50% of the total amount, cancellations are free of charge until eight weeks prior to the event. The total amount will be invoiced if cancellations are made within eight weeks prior to the event or if the participant fails to appear without having cancelled.  All cancellations must be made in writing.  Arising cancellation fees shall be charged without exception. If the cancellation is made in time, participants may place a substitute or choose to attend another event.

Participants who fail to appear to an event due to personal reasons will not receive a discount and shall not be refunded.

In case of non-payment of the installments, froh foundation is released from any further contractual obligations. However, further claims arising from such non-payment remain unaffected.

Participation in an event of froh foundation is voluntary and at the participant’s own risk. Participants are liable for any self-caused damages and release froh foundation from any liability claims.

froh foundation has no business premises of its own. All events organized by the foundation take place in the premises of our partners. Participants agree to adhere to the security and house regulations of the venue and to comply with the instructions given by staff members of froh foundation or the host.

Participants understand that participation in an event requires mental and physical wellbeing and that it is not a substitute for medical attention, examination or treatment. The participant declares and confirms with his/her registration, that he/she does not suffer from any physical or mental illnesses. Any liability of froh foundation is excluded.

Further claims, irrespective of their legal grounds, are ruled out with the exception of cases where they are the result of intent of grossly negligent conduct of froh foundation; or in the case of culpable injury to life, body and health.

Responsibility for participating minors during the event remains with the participating parent or legal guardian.

Protection of intellectual property
Without the written consent of froh foundation, all contents and resources provided during an event may not be reproduced in any way, whether in full or in part (duplication, distribution to third parties, reprint, translation, etc.).

In case of any unauthorized reproduction, froh foundation does not accept any responsibility or liability towards third parties for the accuracy of the contents.

Any violation of this provision shall entitle froh foundation to prematurely terminate the contract and to enforce other legal claims, in particular for restraint and/or damages.

Privacy policy
By registering, participants agree to the processing of their shared data as part of the event organization.  In addition, participants agree to receive further information via email, messaging services, social media or the like. This approval may be revoked at any time. No personal data will be released to third parties.  

Images and recordings of the participants taken at the event may be used for promotional purposes of froh foundation (brochure, website, newspaper articles, newsletter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms).

Participants are entitled to share images and recordings of the event and/or staff members of froh foundation for personal or business purposes (brochure, website, newspaper articles, newsletter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms), provided that froh foundation is specifically mentioned.

Electronic invoicing
froh foundation is entitled to issue invoices and confirmations through electronic billing. Participants expressly agree to receive invoices and confirmations issued in electronic form by froh foundation.

Duration of contract
This contract terminates after the end of the event.

Irrespective of the above, the contract may be terminated at any time by either side for important reasons. An important reason particularly exists,

in case of contract violation by either contracting party

if one of the contracting parties is in default of payment after insolvency proceedings have been opened

if no insolvency proceedings have been opened and one of the contracting parties has objectively justified concerns about the creditworthiness of the other party; if, upon request of the contractor, the other party neither makes any advance payments nor produces suitable security prior to the event; and if and one of the contracting parties was not aware of the poor financial circumstances of the other party at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

Final provisions
The contracting partners confirm to have made all statements in the contract in a conscientious and truthful manner and oblige themselves to immediately notify the respective partner of any changes.

Amendments and changes to the contract and these General terms and Conditions are only valid in writing; the same applies to changes to this formal requirement. There are no unwritten or oral agreements between the parties.

This contract is subject to Austrian substantive law excluding law provisions of Private International Law. Place of jurisdiction for both parties is Graz. The court of jurisdiction for disputes arising from this contract is the Regional Court of Graz.

Revocation policy
Participants may cancel their registration without giving reasons within 14 days after conclusion of the contract in writing. It is sufficient to write a formless email to froh foundation.